1959 (ex Robin Dunstan 1071cc race car)

1959 1071cc Race car (1969 Championship winning race car number W105)

Manufactured SA - Blackheath CKD
Brand Austin
Model 848cc
Engine size 1071cc
Year September 1959 (no window recesses, lighter shell)
Previous owners Robin Dunstan from East London. I acquired the car from Robin in May 2015. Car was the 1000cc Eastern Cape and Border Championship winner in 1969
Chassis number AA2S715003
Engine number 9FSAH3XXXX
Body color Avocado Green
Engine spec Head - ported race AEG163
Cam 649
Carbs twin 1.5 SU’s
Manifold LCB
Exhaust tubular extractor
Transmission 4 speed, 3 synchro, close ratio straight cut 4.1 diff ratio
Suspension dry, hi-los
Wheels Cooper S 4.5J x 10"
Interior SA spec bucket seats, rest is stripped bare for racing. Roll cage will be fitted

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