Dark Green Austin Cooper S Mk2

1968 1275 Austin Cooper S Mk2 (to be converted to LHD and exported to the USA)

Manufactured SA - Blackheath CKD (registration number
Brand Austin
Model Cooper S
Engine size 1275 cc
Year 1968
Previous owners Acquired 2007. It had run a bearing in the early 1970’s and put into storage. Plans are for a Cooper Car Co replica
Chassis number
Engine number
Body and color Dark Green (MG color)
Engine spec Head - SC Components aluminium 7 port
  Cam - 290 duration semi race
  Carbs - 4 port fuel injection and electronic mapping
  Crank new EN40B, con-rods lightweight, lightened flywheel
  Manifold - LCB
  Exhaust - RC40
Transmission 4 speed, 3 synchro straight cut
Suspension Converted to dry, SPAX shocks
Wheels Roseptals 5.0J x 12"
Interior SA spec bucket seats covers by Newton Commercial

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