Surfblue 998 Morris Cooper

1964 Surfblue 970cc Morris Cooper MWS128GP

Manufactured UK Import (registration number MWS128GP)
Brand Morris
Model Cooper
Engine size 970cc (original 998 Cooper engine in storage)
Year 1964
Previous owners Pat Burke
Chassis number KA2S466XXXX
Engine number 9FDSAH35XX
Body and color Surf blue
Engine spec Head - AEG163 ported
  Cam STR930 (Modern 649)
  Carbs twin 1.25" SU’s with short rampipes
  Manifold LCB (maniflow)
  Exhaust RC40
  Crank and con-rods from a 970. Short stroke high revving motor
Transmission 4 speed, 3 synchro
Suspension Dry, standard
Wheels Original Dunlop D1’s restored and painted dark grey 5J x 10"
Interior UK spec brocade, blue carpets, Smiths 10,000 rpm rev counter

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